Undergraduate Program

The Department of Politics is where great ideas and urgent action are united. Students in our program are trained to identify and explain complex problems facing local communities, countries, and the world, and to explore and develop effective and creative solutions for solving them.

There are five concentrations that define our program:
- Canadian Politics (i.e., federalism and the constitution, indigenous reconciliation, elections, and the courts)
- Public Policy (i.e., health policy, education policy, environmental policy)
- International Politics (i.e., global migration, Canadian and American foreign policy, international security, international law, and global resistance)
- Political Theory (i.e., the history and politics of knowledge, identity, language, power and authority)
- Comparative Politics (i.e., American, Latin American, and European politics, globalization, international development)

Our renowned Passport Program encourages you to explore the world inside and outside class and gives you credit for going the distance.

Our students are equipped with the necessary skills to actively participate in shaping a complex and changing social, economic, cultural and political world. A degree in Politics prepares students for a range of careers in law, public policy, government, diplomacy, armed services, education, academic and industrial research, local and global community services, law enforcement and crisis management, visual, auditory and print journalism, and various types of non-governmental and charitable work in and outside of Canada. A politics degree provides the analytic, explanatory, and actionable skills required to turn knowledge about the contemporary world into political projects designed to change the world for the better.

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Majoring in Politics
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