First Year Students

Politics Majors must take POLS1303, POLS1403 and POLS2000. It is recommended that you take these courses in the first year of your Major:

  • POLS1303: Law, Politics & Government covers central concepts in political analysis and the nature of representative democracies, focusing on Canada.
  • POLS1403: Global Politics, Law and Culture explores development, war and peace, international law and justice, and social movements.
  • POLS1503: Introduction to Indigenous Politics an elective that explores Indigenous Politics at the local, continental, and global scale.
  • POLS2000: Politics Passport program must be taken every year. Engages students in the lived world through political experiences and connections.

Every Politics Major student is assigned an Academic Advisor. Your Academic Advisor is a faculty member of the Department of Politics who will help you to plan your course schedule, as well as navigate your degree requirements. Our Administrative Assistant, Karen Roberts, will send you an email confirming who your Academic Advisor is when you join the Department.

If you are a student considering or starting Politics at Acadia and need more information, please contact us:


Planning for your Second Year

Here are some starters for planning your second year:

  • You need 24h in a Minor - don't forget the Multidisciplinary option.
  • You need 48h for your POLS Major; 36h for your POLS Double Major; 60h for POLS Honours.

You should complete the Arts Core in your first two years. This includes:

  • 6h in English at the 1000-level
  • 6h in a single language other than English: Students whose first language is not English, or who can demonstrate a high level of competence in a language other than English, may substitute a second 6h in English. (French courses fill early - register ASAP for your 2nd year if you don't get in 1st year. Please follow this link and take the placement test to see which French you need.) 
  • 6h Social Science: Our two intro courses satisfy this requirement; you are not required to take additional social science courses.
  • 6h Humanities: Art (not 2013, 2023, 3013, 3023), Classics, Comparative Religion, History, Philosophy, or Music (not applied, vocal or instrumental methods, or practical studies
  • 6h in the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science; note, not a math-based requirement