Dr. Geoffrey Whitehall


Office: BAC 218
Phone: (902) 585-1288
Email: geoffrey.whitehall@acadiau.ca 
Twitter: @Butterflew12

Office Hours: N/A (on leave until January 1, 2023)


Ph.D. (Political Science, University of Hawaii, 2004)
M.A. (CSPT, UVIC, 1998)
B.A. (Geography, Carleton University, 1996)

Research/Teaching Interests

  • International Relations
  • Contemporary and Continental Political Theory
  • Popular Culture and World Politics
  • Political Theory of War and Peace
  • Subjectivity and Sovereignty
  • Biopolitics and Resistance
  • Discourses of Time and Space

Teaching 2022-23 (Winter term only)

  • POLS1403WI03 - Global Politics
  • POLS3843WI01 - Pols of Global Resistance

Selected Publications

“Warring Immunities: Scorched, Esposito, Beyond Catastrophe” in Antonio Calcagno and Inna Viriasova (Eds.) Roberto Esposito: Biopolitics and Philosophy (New York: Sunny Press, 2018)

“The Aesthetics of Triage: Towards life Beyond Survival” in Jennifer Lawrence and Sarah Wiebe, Eds.., Biopolitical Disaster (Routledge: London, 2017)

“The Paradox of Crisis and the Importance of Being Indifferent” in Nevzat Soguk and Scott Nelson, eds., Ashgate Research Companion to Modern Theory, Modern Power, World Politics (Surrey: Ashgate, 2016)

“Pre-emptive Global Biopolitics and the ProMED Network” in Resilience: International Policies, Practices and Discourses (January, 2015)

“Movement and Human Logistics: pre-emption, technology and fascism” in Ried. J. and Evans. B., eds. Fascism in all its Forms (London: Routledge, 2013)

“The International Aesthetic of the Yasukuni Jinja and Yûshûkan Museum” in Shapiro. M., and Opondo. S., eds., Violent Cartographies: Mapping Colonial and Postcolonial Cultures of War and Identity  (New York: Routledge, 2012)

“The Aesthetic Emergency of the Avian flu Affect” in Bruce Magnusson and Zahi Zalloua. eds., Contagion. (Seattle: University of Washington Press, in association with Whitman College, 2012).

“Making Citizens in Magnaville Katrina Refugees and Neoliberal Self-Governance,” (with Cedric Johnson) in Cedric Johnston, ed., The Neoliberal Deluge: Hurricane Katrina, Late Capitalism, and the Remaking of New Orleans (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2011)

“Preemptive Sovereignty and Avian States of Emergency” in Theory and Event Vol. 13 No 2, 2010