Current Students

Hayden McKee-Godry

Being the son of an immigrant has always instilled in me hard work, to rise above one’s station. To quote an author “its not a shame to be born in the dirt, but it’s a shame to want to stay there.” A sentiment strong in my family for generations

I was born in Ontario but spent the vast amount of my childhood in northern Manitoba, moving from reserve to reserve, gaining a deep respect for both the people and the plight they find themselves in. Moving to Nova Scotia in 2005 I found myself in a very foreign and unrecognizable landscape, attending Canada’s oldest independent private school-Kings Edge Hill. Upon its completion I began my studies at Acadia University; graduating in 2014 with a degree in Political Science.

After graduation I tried my hand at many things; rig work, coffee roasteries, business degrees, contracting work, banking, and fire fighting. However, it wasn’t until I began working as a peace officer for the justice department of Nova Scotia, and as an intelligence officer in the Canadian army that I realized what I wanted to do.

That said I am extremely happy with beginning this masters journey as I see it as the culmination of my time at Acadia, a book end of sorts. While I may need to shake off the rust and get back to my political roots, I welcome the challenge that this program places upon its members with open arms.


Past Students (Selected)

Chelsea Saulnier (2021)

Saulnier completed the Political Science Master Program at Acadia University, concentrating in Constitutional law, Indigenous rights and social justice.

"I completed my undergraduate degree here at Acadia in 2016 and when I decided to go back to school I knew that Acadia was the only spot for me. The sense of community that the faculty and students provide during and after you have completed your studies is one of a kind. The students and faculty genuinely care and believe in your success. While completing my undergraduate I worked for the Native Council of Nova Scotia as team leader and for the New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council as assistant program coordinator. In my first year as a Master student I worked for Acadia as a Teaching Assistant and later as a Research Assistant, and currently I am working part-time for Halifax Regional Municipality as an Legislative Support Assistant. Earlier this week I was informed of my appointment to the assistance appeals board for the department of Community Services, NS."

“When thinking about your future, do not only think about what you want to do, but think about WHO you want to be” –Dr. Whitehall 2016.

Stephanie Redden (2009)

"I had an amazing experience completing my Masters in the Politics Department at Acadia University. The department's small size means that you are able to work closely with the Faculty (who are all very passionate about their work), and build lasting connections with your peers. The small class sizes also mean that you are able (and very much encouraged) to actively participate in all of your classes. Through the seminars that I attended while completing my degree--in both the Politics and Sociology departments--I gained invaluable public speaking experience, time management skills, and solid research capabilities. I also further developed and refined my critical analysis skills. As a result, I was able to enter my PhD program well-equipped and prepared to succeed. In short, I cannot say enough positive things about the program and the department. While I was only there for a year, the experience has had a profound and formative influence on me as a social scientist. I am a better researcher as a result of my time at Acadia."