Dr. Andrew Biro


Office: BAC 217
Phone: (902) 585-1925
Twitter: @andrewbiro
Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 10:00-11:00am or by appointment


Ph.D., M.A. (York), B.A. (Toronto)

Research/Teaching Interests

  • Environmental politics (esp. water)
  • Critical theory
  • Political economy
  • Media & politics

Teaching (2023-2024)

  • POLS1303FA02: Law, Politics & Government
  • POLS2113WI01: Intro to Political Theory
  • POLS3273FA01: Political Economy
  • POLS4843/5243WI01: Environmental Political Theory

Academia.edu profile

Selected Publications

2023. Organizing Nature: Turning Canada’s Ecosystems into Resources (University of Toronto Press). With A. Cohen.

2011. Critical Ecologies: The Frankfurt School and Contemporary Environmental Crises (University of Toronto Press)

2005. Denaturalizing Ecological Politics: ‘Alienation from Nature’ from Rousseau to the Frankfurt School and Beyond (University of Toronto Press)

Journal Articles
2019."Reading a Water Menu: Bottled Water and the Cultivation of Taste", Journal of Consumer Culture 19(2): 231-51.

2015. “The Good Life in the Greenhouse? Autonomy, Democracy, and Citizenship in the Anthropocene," Telos 172: 15-37.

2013. “Screening the Crisis,” Studies in Political Economy 92: 57-74.

2012. “Water Wars by Other Means: Virtual Water and Global Economic Restructuring,” Global Environmental Politics 12(4): 86-103. Reprinted in A. Jagerskog, A. Swain, and J. Ojendal (eds.), Water Security Volume 4: Global Water Crisis and Beyond (Sage, 2014)

2010. “Environmental Prospects in Canada,” Environmental Politics 19(2): 303-309.

2009. “Lost in the Supermarket: The Corporate-Organic Foodscape and the Struggle for Food Democracy,” Antipode 41(3): 509-532. With J. Johnston and N. McKendrick.

2023. “Visioning Limits or Unlimited Vision: The Vocation of Political Theory in the Anthropocene” in T. Maley and J. Wallach, eds., Envisioning Democracy: New Essays After Sheldon Wolin’s Political Thought (University of Toronto Press), 251-274.

2016. “Human Nature, Non-Human Nature, and Needs: EPT and Critical Theory” in Oxford Handbook of Environmental Political Theory (Oxford  University Press), 79-102.

2013. “River-Adaptiveness in a Globalized World” in C. Chen, J. MacLeod, and A. Niemanis, eds., Thinking with Water (McGill-Queens’ University Press), 166-184.

2007. “Adorno and Ecology,” in D. Burke, K. Kiloh, M. Palamarek, and J. Short, eds., Adorno and the Need in Thinking(University of Toronto Press), 345-361.

2006. “Half-Empty or Half-full? Water Politics and the Canadian National Imaginary,” in K. Bakker, ed. Eau Canada: Governing Canada’s Waters (University of British Columbia Press), 321-333.

2002. “The Eighteenth Brumaire of Tony Soprano,” in D. Lavery, ed. This Thing of Ours: Investigating the Sopranos (Wallflower/Columbia University Press), 203-214. With S. Hayward.