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Internships, Exchanges, & Volunteerism Disclaimer
The following links are provided by the Acadia University Politics Department as a resource for students.  These programs and postings contain information that is created and maintained by other public and private organizations.  The Acadia University Politics Department does not review or endorse any of the following programs, nor does it guarantee the accuracy of any information provided.  Students assume all responsibility to fully investigate all aspects of any internship, exchange program, or volunteer opportunity posted


AUCC Internships

This project is based on the premise of a two-pronged approach to development. The first is to address the needs of our Host Organization Partners and their respective clientele. The second concerned the professional and personal development of our interns. Our cross-cutting themes are the promotion of gender equality, democratic development and economic advancement. In each organization's mandate there is a concern for gender equality and the promotion of a better way of life for all. The Abusua Foundation deals principally with young men and women, the development of self-sufficiency skills through farming and economic skills development, while also dealing with disadvantaged youth due to HIV/AIDS issues or economic circumstances. Theatre for Change promotes sexual reproductive health amongst youth and shows them their rights on health issues. The Gender Centre is committed to the promotion and protection of the rights of woman and to gender equality through democratic development. CHRI in both Ghana and India advocate human rights through access to information, police accountability and justice. This is accomplished via community outreach and research. In each of the placements our interns will have an opportunity to develop and/or improve their research, management and communication skills.

The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada are achieving excellence through international participation and linking Canadian junior professionals to the world.  For more information please visit 2013 Acadia AUCC or contact Dr. Marsh Conley at

The Jaimie Anderson Parliamentary Internship

The Internship provides paid summer internships to young people who demonstrate a strong level of personal effort in the academic or other life pursuits, and who have a keen interest in learning more about and making a contribution to our political life as a country.


Parliamentary Internship Programme

As participants in the Parliamentary Internship Programme, interns work for Members of Parliament from both the Government and Opposition benches. They regularly meet with eminent Canadians through the Brown Bag Lunch series and have access to a wide range of journalists, members of the diplomatic community and representatives of Canada’s public and private sectors.

Parliamentary interns get involved with a wide variety of tasks, based on their interests and varied skill sets.


NS Post Secondary Internship Program

You will get full-time work in a Nova Scotia government department or agency in a field related to your education. Terms are 2 years. In addition to the work experience, you will get extra training in areas such as project management, writing effective reports, and developing your career. Each participant gets to work closely with a personal mentor who helps guide and advise them on their career and opportunities within the government.

Municipal Internship Program

The internship program is designed to attract recent post-secondary graduates to the field of municipal government administration. The objective of the program is to assist Nova Scotia’s municipalities in attracting, training and development of competent, well-rounded senior municipal administrators with leadership capacity as a means of assisting municipalities with their succession planning.

Free the Children

Experience international development first-hand by visiting Free The Children projects overseas. Our commitment to youth is to engage them in global development and social issues education so that they take action to make a difference. Free The Children has teamed up with its partner organization, Me to We, to create an unforgettable volunteer experience for young people who want to build schools and water wells for which they have fundraised.

WUSC Overseas

As one of Canada's leading international development agencies, WUSC has built a solid reputation over more than four decades for delivering meaningful development results. 

We currently have active projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America as well as the Middle East and Europe. By working in collaboration with non-governmental and community-based organizations, public and private-sector institutions, and governments, WUSC harnesses the power of education and training to:

  • promote education and health - including basic and higher education, water and sanitation, and HIV and AIDS
  • foster sustainable livelihoods: including vocational training and agriculture/rural development
  • improve governance: including strengthening civil society, promoting human rights and peace building.

WUSC regional offices are located in in Burkina Faso, Botswana, Malawi, Peru, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Canadian Crossroads International

Canadian Crossroads International volunteers, known as Crossroaders, play a critical role in ensuring the success of our partnership projects for promoting the rights of women and eradicating poverty. Our placements are designed to meet the stated needs of partner organizations overseas and build on one another to support the development of vulnerable communities over the long-term. Canadian Crossroads International recruits for a wide range of skills sets and expertise – Yours can make a difference.

Killam Fellowships

The Killam Fellowships Program provides an opportunity for exceptional undergraduate students from universities in Canada to spend either one semester or a full academic year as an exchange student in the United States. Students may participate in the program either as a direct exchange student (registering at their home university, paying their home fees, and attending the host university as an exchange visitor) or as a self-placed visiting student (registering at the host university and paying host tuition fees).

Connect Canada Internships

Connect Canada is a new internship program that links graduate students and Canadian companies for research placements. Regardless of the issue, the sector or the location, Connect Canada internships can help companies find a cost-effective solution developed by highly skilled graduate students under the supervision of an academic supervisor. For graduate students, it provides a pathway to further develop their research skills, while gaining valuable industry experience and contacts. For the academic supervisor, the stipend is considered a part of their research funding and provides an opportunity to make contact with various industrial partners. 

The categories of research that can be performed through this program fall into the following categories:  natural science, engineering, economy, social science, health, environment and ethics. Each internship is four-to-six months and is completed by a graduate student at the master’s, PhD or post-doctoral fellow level. 

Connect Canada internships are funded by $5,000 from the company, which is matched by Connect Canada for a total intern stipend of $10,000 for the entire internship. The Connect Canada Internship program is funded by the Industrial Research-Development Internship (IRDI) program through the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE).  For more information, visit

Internship Nepal

Internship Nepal offers a unique range of services for the students of Political Science, Law, Human Rights Research, and Thesis Writing and provides opportunities to complete their abroad internships in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  • Students applying for the internship program will be placed in a home stay with an extremely hospitable host family in Kathmandu.
  • Basic accommodations like food (3 meals a day)/ Wi-Fi/ Homestay will be provided at an extremely affordable cost.  
  • Raw materials and sources will be provided for research. Students will be placed in different organizations for research if needed. Our team of trained professionals ensures continuous guidance and individual support to the students in their projects.
  • Brainstorming, group discussions and timely presentation of prepared reports
  • Working as an intern/volunteer for organizations working for benefits of human rights
  • Interviews with recognized personnel of different subjects will be arranged timely, in order to help students get ideas, opinions and facts for their projects
  • Students will be involved in our field trips/hikes/trips/tours inside and outside Kathmandu regularly. This will allow them to experience the true culture and scenic beauty of Nepal along whilst enjoying the unique courtesy of the Nepalese
  • At the end of this program, the students will surely have learned what it takes to be a skilled professional in their respective fields.

For further information, please visit or email

Big Island Farms

Aloha to all pursuers of knowledge, experiences and passion:  

Big Island FarmsBig island Table Experience (BITE), and World Sacred Gardens would like to invite you to join our upcoming Hawaii internship programs, here on our organic permaculture farm.  

We are currently accepting applicants for our Spring 2017 / Summer 2017 Internships and beyond! Big Island Farms is located on the tropical Hamakua coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, five miles from the breathtaking Waipio Valley and historic Honokaa Town. The quaint but thriving local community is interconnected with 10 of the world’s 14 available microclimates ranging from vibrant jungle to arid desert tundra this ancient and sacred island lends Big Island Farms a culturally and biologically rich environment. Boasting the tallest mountain “Mauna Kea”, the worlds most active volcano, “Kiluaea” and the largest mountain “Mauna Loa” (in cubic feet) , the Big Island of Hawaii is a treasure of geological extremes like no where else on Earth.  

Big Island Farms and Orchards began simply with a decade long effort to restore and revitalize the soil, flora and fauna of the land. After many years of allowing the natural ecosystems to re-establish themselves and create a biodynamic ecology our team began this mission. Mowing grasses that at times reach six to ten feet high and virtually impenetrable we have reclaimed the orchards and farm lands establishing new gardens and orchards along the way. Our team came together sharing a common vision of sustainability, community, and the desire to live off the land. We are searching for like-minded individuals who we can share our knowledge with and who can also leave their mark with us.  

Through our interdisciplinary education model, which incorporates classes, tangible hands on experience, field trips and guest speakers, students will actively pursue their passions, learn to broaden their world views, and work towards a more sustainable lifestyle.   Come be an active participant in a progressive learning environment and expand your horizons through the Big Island Farms Internship Program!  

Check out our website to see full program details

Please email us at for details.


Career Development with GoEco 

At GoEco, we provide students with hands-on experiential learning through internships and volunteering. Our experts guide students to the best program for their field of study, travel interests and budget.  Click here to browse all of our internship opportunities!

The Ontario Legislature Internship Programme

OLIP was established in 1975 and offers a unique opportunity for recent graduates of Canadian universities to immerse themselves in the inner workings of Ontario politics. During the ten month internship at Queen’s Park, interns work for backbench Members of Provincial Parliament in both the opposition and government (roughly four months each). The interns are responsible for completing a variety of tasks for their Member, including helping draft Private Member’s Bills, writing speeches and questions, and assisting their constituents. The programme also offers an excellent opportunity for students to apply their academic knowledge in a practical fashion; interns research and write an academic paper about the Ontario legislature (with guidance from the programme’s academic director), and present their paper at the Canadian Political Science Association’s yearly conference. In recognition of their important role, interns receive a $21 000 stipend, and the opportunity to travel to various legislatures within and outside of Canada.

For more information on the internship, please visit

Manitoba Legislative Assembly Internship Program

The Manitoba Legislative Assembly Internship Program is open to six Manitoba students in a degree program in any discipline at a Manitoba university and to permanent Manitoba residents studying outside the province. Students must have graduated by September, 2017.

The program includes:

  •  a 10-month Internship from September through June
  •  bi-weekly salary of $1,459.43. (before deductions)
  •  study tours to Ottawa and Toronto to meet with some of Canada’s prominent leaders
  •  seminars with Manitoba business, political, and non-profit sector leaders
  •  an opportunity to produce an academic paper on a Manitoba public policy issue
  •  possibility of a graduate level course credit

For more information or to apply, please visit


Semester in Development

The Semester in Development is a term-long program that is open to undergraduate students of all disciplines. The program is based entirely overseas in Kampala, Uganda, and is unique as it combines studying and interning. While abroad, participants enroll as part-time visiting students at Makerere University, studying one day a week and earning transferable credits. The remaining four days a week have participants interning with a locally run organization in a field directly related to the student’s academic field.

Further details of the Semester in Development can be found here:


Rural Education Institute of Mexico

Programming Intern

Title: Programming Intern

Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Duration: Full-time, 8 month placement

Compensation: Unpaid

Stipend: The organization will cover $650 USD of travel expenses to/from Mexico, cell

service in Mexico, transportation to and from rural communities, and housing

Vacation: 2 weeks in December - January; 2 weeks in April (Semana Santa): Mexican

holidays according to school schedule

Dates: September – December 2017 and January – May 2018

Overview: The Rural Education Institute of Mexico is a growing non-profit organization with

the goal of establishing community centers as a place to promote education and lifelong

learning in rural communities in Mexico. We provide educational programs, scholarships, and

learning tools such as libraries and computers. Our goal is to reduce the alarming dropout

rate among children and youth living in rural communities, to build life skills, and support the

youth in continuing their education past middle school. To carry out our programs we are now

recruiting a team of qualified and enthusiastic Programming Interns for year-long or semester long international experiences beginning either in September 2016 or January 2017. 


  • Together with the Programming Director and the Education Director, Programming Interns and other volunteers, design and implement a series of activities in English, Computing, and Spanish literacy for elementary school students (ages 8-11) that promote leadership, teamwork, communication, creativity, and other important life and learning skills.
  • Together with the Programming & Director of Education, Programming Interns and other volunteers, design and lead English, Computing and Spanish literacy activities for middle school students (ages 12-16), which build critical thinking skills as well as other important life and learning skills
  • Assist in planning community events to showcase student work and celebrate cultural events such as Day of the Dead and Día de los Libros
  • Assist in planning various fundraising events throughout the fall and winter terms
  • Maintain bi-weekly updates on our website and varies social media outlets based on experience working with the children
  • Attend weekly staff meetings
  • Participate in mid-semester and final evaluations

Qualifications Required:

  • Be at least 21 years of age, or hold a university or college degree
  • Have some experience teaching or working with children
  • Have cross-cultural experience
  • Be functionally bilingual – comfortable communicating in both Spanish and English

Application Process:

  • Please send the following by email to
  • a Resume
  • a Cover letter
  • Optional additional application elements:
    • a College transcript (unofficial is fine)
    • Two other references (name, position, and contact information)
  • Title the email with the subject “Programming Intern Application”
  • Priority deadline is July 20th, 2017

Please email Attention Carlos Martinez, Programming Director, with any questions about the internship or organization at

For more information about the Rural Education Institute, please visit our website at



GreenPAC Parliamentary Internship

GreenPAC is proud to announce the inaugural year of our Parliamentary Internship. Beginning in September 2018, in partnership with the University of Ottawa’s Institute of the Environment and other post-secondary partners, GreenPAC will place four young environmental leaders into MP offices from mid-September 2018 - mid-June 2019