BA with Honours in Politics

In the honours program, Politics students have the opportunity to undertake more intensive and extensive coursework and to produce an original piece of scholarly research in the form of an honours thesis. 


  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required for the honours program
  • All Politics courses should be completed with a B- or higher
  • POLS 3043 (Honours Seminar) completed with a B+ or higher
  • Completion of the Arts Core
  • Completion of the Politics Passport in each year of your degree
  • 120 total credit hours of which 60 credit hours must be from Politics 
  • Both POLS 1303 and1403 (6h)
  • POLS 2003, 2113, 2223, 2683, 2893 (15h)
  • 18h additional POLS electives
  • 9h in 4000 level Politics courses, excluding the Honours Thesis
  • POLS 3033 (B- or higher), POLS 3043 (Honours Seminar) and POLS 407T/408T (Honours Thesis) must be part of the 60 credit hours completed (12h)

This course will normally be taken by honours students in the winter term of their third year and will focus on some of the central debates in the discipline.  In particular, students will be exposed to different approaches in the study of politics.  Students will present their thesis proposals in class.  A grade of B+ is required to continue in the honours programme. 

A thesis is a written piece of work documenting scholarly activity. In terms of effort, content, and presentation, a thesis goes well beyond the level of a normal term project or essay; however, sheer bulk is not to be regarded as equivalent to scholarship. The decision whether a topic is suitable for an honours thesis is made by the department. For more information, talk to any professor in the Politics Department. 

Honours Student Profiles

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Honours Student Resources

  • Full regulations for the honours thesis can be found HERE.
  • Templates to help students write a thesis in MS Word and LaTeX are offered by the Learning Technologies Centre and are available HERE.
  • Honours theses completed since 2013 are available online through Acadia Library's institutional database, Acadia Scholar. To review these theses go HERE
  • If you wish to have copies of your thesis bound for yourself and the department (for future students to look at), you can arrange to pay for binding by contacting Wallaceburg Bookbinding & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.