Introductory Courses

POLS 1303 Law, Politics & Government: This introductory course in politics and government introduces students to concepts, institutions of government, political processes, law, and political thought. Canadian government and politics is a focus of study.

POLS 1403 Law, Politics & Government: This introductory course is an introduction to the study of Politics that focuses on contemporary global politics.  The objectives of the course are threefold:  First, you will be introduced to the key concepts that provide the foundation for subsequent courses in International Relations and Comparative Politics. Second, you will be introduced to contemporary global issues and have the opportunity to discuss them.  Third, you will develop the core academic skills of critical reading and writing.  In general, the course is designed for majors who seek a future in global activities and non-majors who are simply interested in finding out more their world.

POLS1503 Introduction to Indigenous Politics:  This interactive course introduces students to Indigenous political perspectives on relationships with the land, nationhood, sovereignty, and legal traditions vis-a-vis Mi'kma'ki, the Canadian state, and the world.  Students will learn how indigenous peoples have been challenging colonialism through struggles for self-determination, recognition, self-government, land claims, and economic self-sufficiency.  Identity, power, and the principles of Indigenous Knowledge forms are foundational.