Acadia Politics Podcast

Politics is not just for the classroom. At Acadia’s Department of Politics, public engagement on political topics is valued and encouraged. The Politics Podcast is one way we do this.

Whether it’s to discuss current events or share a course project on the Canadian constitution, faculty and students use the Politics Podcast to share their thoughts and ideas on political issues that matter. Thanks for listening!


POLS 4403: Canadian Constitutional Law (2017)

For the fall 2017 semester, POLS 4403 students were asked to conceive, research, and produce an original podcast episode on an issue related to Canadian constitutionalism. These are some of their stories. 

EPISODE 1: Participation in the Canadian and ASU Constitutions
EPISODE 2: The Canadian Court Rundown
EPISODE 3: Canadian Constitutional Law: Parliamentary vs. Constitutional Supremacy
EPISODE 4: Constitutional Insiders and Outsiders
EPISODE 5: Sovereignty and the Constitution

Season 1 (2016-17)