Mariah Cooper

Office Hours: Available by appointment



BA (Trent University)
Specialized Diploma (University of Kent, Canterbury)
MA (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
PhD (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Research Topics

Medieval History
Gender and Legal History
Medieval Criminality and Victimology

Teaching at Acadia (2022-23)

POLS3353FA01 Ancient and Medieval Political Theory
WGST1413FA01 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

Teaching at Dal (2022-23)

HIST 2002 Late Medieval Europe



'A Female King or a Good Wife and a Great Mother? Seals, Coins, and the Epitaphic Legacy of the Empress Matilda' The Haskins Society Journal, Vol. 32 (2020)

'Just the Good Wife? Death and Legacy of Noblewomen in the Middle Ages." The Public Medievalist (2018)

(Forthcoming) Rape and Consent in Medieval England's Laws and Literature (Arc Humanities Press)

Special Projects:

CBC Radio "Legal Hurdles for Today's Sexual Assault Victims Took Shape in Medieval England."