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Alumni Profiles

Greg Van Gestal, BA H 2012

The same things that make Acadia a great University are accentuated in its Political Science Department. Small classes allow you to build close relationships with professors while getting the most out of your education and a close-knit and stimulating department offers a strong community as well as diverse opportunities outside the classroom. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Acadia and within the Political Science Department I was able to develop  both inside and outside the classroom, participating in the Acadia Political Science Association and student paper, being a Teaching Assistant, and completing my undergrad thesis. My professors not only provided me with a sound education, directly preparing me for my future work, but it was through the close relationships I was able to build with them that led to opportunities following graduation. From teaching English at a university in China for two years to working in Security and Drug policy at the Organization of American States, the Political Science Department offered a truly unique undergrad experience and a strong academic foundation.


Lauren Hanna, BA H 2011

The Department of Political Science is an amazing undergraduate setting for students seeking a small and vibrant academic community. I started my undergrad degree in biology at Queen’s University in Ontario in a class of several hundred students. I was so excited when I drove into the beautiful Annapolis Valley in the spring of 2008 to have a one-on-one meeting with the head of the Political Science Department. The small school community was outstanding! I had friends in all of my classes, close relationships with professors, endless extracurricular involvements, and the chance to work as a Teaching Assistant and to complete my honours thesis.  The professors and courses challenged me to move beyond traditional topics to study technology and development from a critical angle. Next year, I am participating in the Ontario Legislative Internship Program—a ten-month non-partisan position at the provincial legislature. I'm eager to put my research, analytical and communication skills to work in a practical setting, and to find inspiration for future studies at the graduate level. Prospective students - you may contact me with any questions.  laurenhanna@hotmail.com


Dakin McDonald, BA H 2011

Studying politics at Acadia University prepared me to complete graduate studies and to work for a social democratic political party. But, most importantly, my time at Acadia was a formative experience that continues to challenge my everyday assumptions. Surrounded by progressive students and supportive faculty engaged in compelling research, political science classes at Acadia University provide opportunities to examine the use and abuse of power. From the capacity of states and corporations, to the pervasive influence of contemporary culture and technology, a critical education in politics provides necessary tools to think and act differently. After studying politics at Acadia, graduates simply aren’t able to be indifferent to the ways in which our communities are governed, violences are legitimized, and our thoughts are colonized.



Brynne Sinclair-Waters BA H 2010

Studying Political Science at Acadia University was a fun, challenging and unforgettable experience. My professors were supportive and pushed me to read and write more and better than I ever thought I could. Together with my classmates, we learned to think creatively and critically about power, inequality, and social change. I finished my degree excited to continue studying politics and with all the skills I needed to excel at graduate school.


 Johannah May Black BA H 2007

It was at Acadia in the department of Political Science that my passion for social justice and my determination to fight for political change was nurtured and developed. The opportunity to work closely with professors in small classrooms provided a unique environment for innovative approaches to learning that I have carried forward in developing my own teaching material as a Teaching Assistant at York University and Ryerson University in Toronto, and now in my current position as the Coordinator of the Bystander Intervention Program into sexual violence, for the Antigonish Women's Resource Centre & Sexual Assault Services Association. Over the past ten years I have completed a Masters Degree in Immigration and Settlement Studies at Ryerson University and have worked towards my PhD in Political Science at York University in Toronto. In my current role at AWRC&SASA I am developing a program for Bystander Intervention into sexual violence on university campuses in Nova Scotia. In this way, I hope to give back to the school that nurtured my dreams by effecting positive change on campus.


Sondra Rebenchuk 2007

My name is Sondra Rebenchuk and I started the Political Science program at Acadia in the fall of 2006. Growing up in Vancouver, I had never visited Nova Scotia before beginning at Acadia, but the faculty, students and staff made me feel so welcome. What attracted me to the Political Science program was the ability to study with world-class professors in a small, intimate class environment where my participation and engagement was always welcome. The program provided me with a solid foundation upon which I was able to build while attending Osgoode Hall Law School. Now as a corporate lawyer, I realize how much the Political Science program at Acadia taught me and how lucky I am to have had that experience. 


Jonathan Bishop, MA 2000

The year I spent at Acadia was a fantastic learning experience, and further developed my critical analysis skills. Following the receipt of my MA degree, I was fortunate to apply my Acadia-influenced skills in a practical manner by working on Parliament Hill, as well as a federal law enforcement agency, for over a decade. For a self-professed political junkie, the time spent working with Parliamentarians and senior public servants was extremely rewarding. At the moment I manage consumer research projects for the Public Interest Advocacy Center, a non-profit organization providing legal and research services on behalf of consumer interests. It's fun to fight for the little guy, and none of it would have been possible without the time I invested at Acadia, and the time Acadia invested in me.